Creating great workspaces
through innovative
office furniture
Breez will blow your mind, not your budget!

The unique features that Breez offers are truly unparalleled quality, innovative configuration covering every facet of difficult floor plans incredibly low prices. Breez can be ordered non-handed at no additional upcharge.

Breez continues the ARK tradition of impeccable hand craftsmanship with our obsessive attention to the details culminating in a product with superb workmanship.

Breez carefully matches hand selected veneers with the finest hardwoods to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations in look, fit and finish.

Breez is consistently fresh in its design, ability to morph into special opportunities that require non-standard materials, finishes and layouts.

Breez may look like most other products available out there…but we are not! You know how difficult it is to find your favorite fruit or ice cream with that wonderful flavor … just as you remembered it?

Well, Breez is kind of like that…and once you experience that satisfaction and have the opportunity to work with our friendly, courteous staff that knows how to get you what you need when you need it … you will keep coming back.

You are our customer and we need you to grow and prosper …we get that!
Breez Collection Gallery

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