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Architectural Response Kollection Introduces the Crossroads Collection

Crossroads is an esthetic concept encompassing quality, environmentally friendly materials engineered and manufactured to exacting standards producing a clean, nicely scaled minimalist design. Crossroads is based upon independent components that are flexible and can be configured to any customer space plan to provide an appealing functional office work area.

Crossroads was designed to address symmetric and asymmetric space allocation, specific personal requirements, environmental concerns and budget parameters using high quality, well designed components.

We at ARK believe we have achieved a significant breakthrough in our industry with the Crossroads Collection. After you have had an opportunity to use Crossroads we believe you will agree

Architectural Response Kollection Introduces the Sonata Collection

The Sonata Collection is a lightly scaled crisply designed product for the office requiring a forward looking ambiance with lots of style. It is loaded with configuration and material options that can meet any floor plan specification. Sonata offers the designer opportunities for combining wood, leather, glass and steel to make a uniquely fresh and engaging statement.

The Sonata Collection can be built to an all green specification using a beautifully grained and finished ECHOWOOD and an SDF, sustainable design fiberboard, to satisfy the most demanding environmental requirements.

Architectural Response Kollection Introduces the Dialogue Collection

The Dialogue Collection is forward looking and timeless in its simplicity. Dialogue offers seemingly endless flexibility and design options that speak to your specific needs. The inherent clean bold sweep of the design speaks to the designer in all of us.

We encourage you to open a discussion with Dialogue and coax it into something uniquely individual reflecting your particular taste and style. So start talking, Dialogue is listening!

Architectural Response Kollection (ARK)
Launches Newest Website.

Located at, our third generation site is better than ever. The site is designed with a dynamic interface to allow more frequent and timely updates. We will update the site regularly when new products are introduced. We also feature products, case studies and important news on the home page. Visitors will discover our brochures, price books and other literature are available for download in PDF format. A careful reading of the case studies will reveal ARK’s commitment to serving our customers.
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