Creating great workspaces
through innovative
office furniture
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ARK New Products Brochure
Size: 656kb
Format: PDF
An overview of the Crossroads, Sonata and Dialogue collections.

ARK’s products are designed with a focus on manufacturing excellence. Our passion for the details and how they are executed is of paramount importance to our finished product.
Crossroads 2013 Price Book

Size: 1123kb
Format: PDF
Crossroads is an esthetic concept encompassing quality, environmentally friendly materials engineered and manufactured to exacting standards producing a clean, nicely scaled minimalist design. Crossroads is based upon independent components that are flexible and can be configured to any customer space plan to provide an appealing functional office work area.
Sonata 2013 Price Book
Size: 2880kb
Format: PDF
The Sonata Collection is a lightly scaled crisply designed product for the office. It is loaded with configuration and material options that offers the designer opportunities for combining wood, leather, glass and steel to make a uniquely fresh and engaging statement.
Dialogue Brochure
Size: 1066kb
Format: PDF
The Dialogue Collection is forward looking and timeless in its simplicity. Dialogue offers seemingly endless flexibility and design options that speak to your specific needs.
Dialogue 2013 Price Book
Size: 4130kb
Format: PDF
Newport Brochure
Size: 492kb
Format: PDF
The Newport Collection is a flexible, stylish and affordable casegoods system of freestanding and mobile wood office furniture. Newport’s simple, clean and fresh design is loaded with features and options that simplify the specification process.
Newport 2013 Price Book
Size: 3311kb
Format: PDF
Helios Brochure
Size: 604kb
Format: PDF
The Helios Collection is a system of freestanding lightly scaled office furniture designed for the flexible needs of the multifunctional office environment. Helios presents a vast array of reconfiguring choices using independent towers, work surfaces and freestanding or mobile drawer pedestals.
Helios 2010 Price Book
Size: 369kb
Format: PDF
Elysian Brochure
Size: 584kb
Format: PDF
Elysian’s clean architectural design elements combined with hand selected veneers and hardwoods provide an unparalleled reward for the discriminating executive. Lustrous finishes over hand rubbed stains and dyes enhance the intrinsic beauty of the wood beneath.
Elysian 2010 Price Book
Size: 408kb
Format: PDF
Calypso Brochure
Size: 380kb
Format: PDF
The Calypso Collection encompasses Occasional, Console, and Conference Tables. Calypso tables radiate with an elegance that energizes environments, public and private.

Calypso combines meticulously crafted, polished or brushed, stainless steel bases with clear and patterned glass tops. The tops available are Starphire® Glass, Stone and Wood.
ARK Environmental Policy
Size: 1524kb
Format: PDF
Documents our commitment to the environment
Care & Maintenance Guide
Size: 1220kb
Format: PDF
Guide to caring for and maintaining the beauty of your fine ARK furniture.
PDF Tips
Size: 699kb
Format: PDF
Tips for optimal viewing & printing of ARK PDF literature
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