Creating great workspaces
through innovative
office furniture
History & Philosophy
The people of ARK have a distinguished history in the furniture industry and are known for their tireless dedication to design, quality and service. Many of these people who embody this special spirit of unparalleled excellence have been together for over twenty-five years. They represent a collection of dedicated and talented people who believe that a life’s work must bring a greater reward beyond the common monetary benchmark. They believe a life’s work should nurture one’s sense of well being through the satisfaction and achievement of a job well done. When these years of talent and expertise are woven into our finished product a piece of furniture of lasting value has been created.

ARK’s mission is to provide the highest level possible of design, execution and quality to a design focused clientele. We endeavor to offer the most flexible design and material options available in the furniture industry. Only the limits of your imagination can define the boundaries of our abilities.

ARK’s credo is: Benchmark quality at affordable prices. We are committed to excellence throughout the company knowing that it will ensure our success and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Quality is all we know and quality is all we do.