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The Environment
Architectural Response Kollection is committed to responsible environmental policies and practices in all that we do.

We purchase hardwood veneers that have been grown as a renewable resource from vendors located within the United States. Any materials that are considered non-renewable are no longer used in the manufacture of our wood products. These wood materials are purchased from companies who practice sustainable forestry using selective harvesting and have viable reforestation programs.

Architectural Response Kollection uses high solids finishes from Sherwin Williams, a world leader in residential, commercial and industrial finishes. We use their conversion varnish, a hard durable catalyzed finish that has high-solids and low TVOC’s and approved by California’s EPA Board. All of our adhesives are water-based with minimal formaldehyde.

All of our products are shipped blanket wrapped; a reusable wrapping method, eliminating packing materials and waste.

Architectural Response Kollection’s success as a manufacturer of high quality wood furniture creates a recognizable debt to nature. Our way of repaying nature for the wonderful gifts she has given us is to be responsible and sensitive to the environment.