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Case Studies
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Since their founding in 1902, Cedars-Sinai has been solely focused on providing the finest healthcare available among California hospitals. As a result, many advances in all areas of healthcare have been made and hundreds of thousands of lives have been significantly impacted.

Cedars-Sinai ranks as one of the top California hospitals in clinical quality. Quality patient care and dedication to patient satisfaction are the cornerstones of Cedars-Sinai. Their quality is measured in high patient satisfaction scores, continuous clinical performance activities, excellent medical outcomes, ongoing research and academic programs.

In 2001 Cedars Sinai was looking for a casegoods manufacturer that could meet the tough demands of quick lead-times, impeccable quality, and highly flexible products required for the private doctor offices that were continuously being added, upgraded and reconfigured.

Cedars wanted to simplify the ordering process using a flexible office casegoods standard that could accommodate their myriad office permutations. The winning manufacturer and their product would have to satisfy four key criteria: Quality, flexibility, delivery and cost.

ARK was interviewed and selected to be the single source supplier for all of Cedars Sinai private office casegoods. The product they chose allowed them to standardize a typical office while giving each doctor wide latitude of configuration options within the basic standard. ARK implemented a rigid fail-safe delivery schedule that took the installation uncertainty out of the equation. Our goal was to streamline Cedars ordering process and provide them with one stop solutions for all their casegoods requirements.
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