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Rand Corporation World Headquarters

LEED Gold Certification
Interior Design Firm: DMJM-Rottet
Interior Designer: Amy Sims

RAND was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council's Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the environmentally responsible design of the headquarters campus, along with the Los Angeles Architectural Award for corporate headquarters design.

For more than 50 years, decision makers in the public and private sectors have turned to the RAND Corporation for objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the world. These challenges include such critical social and economic issues as education, poverty, crime, and the environment, as well as a range of national security issues.

Today RAND researchers and analysts continue to be on the cutting edge of their fields, working with decision makers in both the public and private sectors to find solutions to todayís difficult, sensitive, and important problems.

Located in Santa Monica, California the RAND Corporationís five-story 309,000 square-foot elliptical-shaped building was designed by Los Angeles-based DMJM Design and built by Turner Construction for approximately $100 million. It was constructed to reflect the institutionís values of researcher collaboration, conservation of client and natural resources, and an ability to adapt to future changes.

The issue of equality among the RAND staff is paramount and results in virtually all of the offices being identical, measuring 10 feet by 14 feet. RAND management sets high value on chance meetings among people from different disciplines and the potential for intellectual cross-pollination. The furniture for these prestigious thinkers was a very important decision. They would be able to participate in the decision by choosing how each item was to be configured. There was also the elliptical shape to contend with and some offices needed to have furniture made to accommodate the curved walls.

It was precisely the concern with the satisfaction of its people that Architectural Response Kollection, Inc. (ARK) was chosen. When the deciding team from RAND and Terri Osier of The Sheridan Group, the dealer on the project, met with R. Daniel Larkey and Neil Donaldson at the ARK manufacturing facility they were very clear about the importance of those receiving private office furniture. Each individual would be able to order from the selected product design any configuration and permutation and ARK must be willing to accommodate their requests.

The other imperative was the tight time frame with which to get the data and manufacture the product; manufacturing date slippage would not be acceptable. ARK was able to demonstrate to the RAND Team that it could and would meet the demanding schedule and still provide the high quality product required with any of the attendant permutations.

The end result was very satisfying. ARK working very closely with the dealer was able to modify product as requested, daily in some instances, and meet the delivery schedule on time and often ahead of schedule. The people at RAND are thrilled with their new headquarters and the beautiful offices ARK provided to their specifications.
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